THIS IS PR is a PR agency that specializes in promotion, image building, strategy planning and launches within fashion and beauty. We believe every brand has to be personal in order to strike a chord with the public. In close co-operation with our clients, we strive to build personal brands through creative solutions, original storytelling and holistic strategies - which in turn creates lasting results.

THIS IS PR established OSLO RUNWAY in March 2015. OSLO RUNWAY is a new Norwegian fashion arena (Norwegian fashion week), where brands showcase their upcoming collections to press, buyers and influencers. Every February and August, OSLO RUNWAY hosts Norway’s largest fashion event in Oslo.



At THIS IS PR you will find a a large and welcoming showroom filled to the brim with enthusiasm, expertise, commitment, positive energy and creative solutions. As well as the latest collections from our clients of course.


Our event department will take care of planning, managing and co-ordinating of events from start to finish, creating unique happenings that help our clients get the attention they deserve.